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Cosmic Bitch-Slap: Accidental Discoveries Compliments of the Universe is a hilarious and relatable read that’s perfect for anyone who’s is interested in finding out what in the world making movies could possibly teach us about life.

It’s currently available for $25 with shipping included as a limited-run, 1st edition, signed paperback that you can grab before it’s nuthin’ but a digital dream.

As a film biz veteran who ditched the grueling hours, the nonstop stress, and the pervasive pretentiousness of Hollywood, I thought my life was broken and had no idea how to fix it.

Being an idiot, it took me a while to recognize the voice of my heart – the one that’s truthful, trustworthy, encouraging, and the source of perception-altering insight and connection.

On an adventure that took me from LA to Asia, India, and Eastern Europe, I wised up enough to listen for the tiny truthspeaking voice of my heart whispering to me that my big bag of sharp shiny moviemaking tools were actually tools that worked in many contexts.

And the bitch-slapping was the universe’s way of showing me that I kept making accidental discoveries and choosing to ignore them as I refused to accept that I already had everything I needed to successfully overcome whatever challenges I encountered in life.

Once I figured out how to hear that tiny voice speaking truth, I got that my life experiences and moviemaking tools were the source of my confidence that enabled me to eliminate stress, feel accomplished knowing I was enough just as I am, and achieve my dreams.

So since you’re probably not half the idiot I was, I bet you’ll see how easily this happens once you’ve had a cosmic bitch-slap that suddenly makes you see yourself and all that you’ve experienced in your life in a completely new light…


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