What It Is

Our mastermind program is meticulously designed for discerning executives who demand both efficiency and efficacy in their professional development.

This is a program created for leaders who cut through the noise, who seek substance over superfluous details. It’s tailored for the go-getter who grasps information rapidly – the kind of leader who hears an idea, understands its essence, and instantly implements it.

Our mastermind respects that your time is precious and your need for actionable knowledge is paramount.

We focus on delivering concise, yet profound insights that seamlessly integrate with your dynamic lifestyle.

This is not just another professional program; it’s a catalyst for transformation, aligning perfectly with the ethos of leaders who prefer a lock, load, and go mindset.

Join us on a journey where knowledge is not just learned but is immediately operational, transforming the way you lead and drive success.

Our mastermind program entails:

A $600 registration fee for the 6-week course of 90-minute sessions per week, along with a PDF of the book and a bonus series of short videos upon completion.

Join us for the curated Cosmic Bitch-Slap Leadership Mastermind that will take place via live Zoom on Wednesdays at 1pm PST / 3pm CST / 4pm EST commencing on the 5th of June, 2024.

What It Provides

Mindset for Outstanding Leaders

Dive deep into the essence of results-oriented leadership. Understand the criticality of each role, including your own, and how they synergize to drive success. This session is about embracing a mindset where results are not just a goal but a baseline expectation.

Attitude for Outstanding Leaders

Learn to identify and tackle the most complex challenges first, setting a tone of resilience and determination. This session emphasizes the importance of being adaptable and not overly attached to the importance of one’s work, coupled with the perseverance to see tasks through to their successful conclusion.

Communication Imperatives for Outstanding Leaders 

Master the skill of articulating your plan clearly and concisely to every team member, ensuring no one is left in the dark. This session also focuses on being open to changing your mindset about the value of team input, fostering a culture of collaboration and flexibility.

Resource Management & Allocation for Outstanding Leaders 

Anticipate future needs and scenarios and learn to research and implement alternative solutions effectively. This session is about ensuring that the right person is in the right role, optimizing team performance and efficiency.

Emotional Intelligence for Outstanding Leaders

Develop the ability to manage emotions, both your own and your team’s, with a focus on constructive and clear communication. Learn to recognize defensiveness, take ownership, and communicate the same message in diverse ways to ensure understanding.

Problem Solving for Outstanding Leaders

Enhance your problem-solving skills by understanding deeper insights and connections. Explore the significance of making analogies and creating effective outcomes, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.


Join us for this transformative mastermind, a unique blend of strategic learning and immediate action. This program is the epitome of efficiency and practicality, designed specifically for leaders who thrive in fast-paced environments and value direct, impactful learning. It’s an opportunity to not just acquire knowledge, but to integrate it seamlessly into your leadership style. With each session, you’ll find yourself evolving, adapting, and implementing strategies that resonate with your goals. This mastermind is your gateway to becoming a leader who both understands the path to success and walks it with confidence and agility.

How It Delivers

We focus on delivering outcomes that matter: enhancing your ability to adapt and strategize in the business world, building resilience against adversity, and offering deeper insights into harmonizing work and life.

Each session is tailored to be both insightful and practical, ensuring you gain valuable skills that have a real impact on your professional journey and personal development.

In this mastermind program, participants can expect to gain a range of outcomes, with the potential to achieve some or all of the following:

Adaptable and Strategic Thinking 

Develop greater agility to navigate swiftly in fast-changing business environments, making strategic decisions that keep you ahead of the curve.

Overcoming Adversity and Navigating Transitions 

Cultivate resilience to face professional challenges head-on, smoothly transitioning through career changes with confidence and poise.

Work-Life Harmony and Stress Management 

Learn to balance your professional drive with personal well-being, effectively managing stress for a more fulfilled life.

Personal Growth and Emotional Intelligence 

Foster personal development and emotional intelligence, enhancing your ability to understand and respond to your own emotions and those of others in a professional context.

Composure in High-Pressure Situations 

Improve your skill in handling high-pressure scenarios with clarity and calmness, making well-thought-out decisions even under stress.

Innovative Leadership and Decision-Making 

Embrace innovative approaches to leadership, fostering a mindset that values creative solutions and decisive action.

Enhanced Relationship-Building 

Strengthen your ability to forge and maintain meaningful professional relationships, a key to sustained success.

Integrity and Ethical Leadership 

Develop a leadership style grounded in integrity and ethical decision-making, setting a high standard for yourself and your organization.

Our mastermind program is specifically curated to provide you with a comprehensive set of tools and insights, designed to foster exceptional leadership and significant professional development. It aims to deepen your understanding of complex business dynamics, enhance your emotional and cultural intelligence, and refine your decision-making skills. By participating, you will be equipped to navigate the nuances of modern leadership, ensuring you are well-prepared to excel in diverse professional scenarios and drive meaningful growth in your career.

Who It's For

Created for the discerning executive who values efficiency and efficacy, our mastermind is tailored for those who are beyond the fluff and filler of typical professional programs.

This is for visionary leaders who rapidly assimilate information – you hear it, you grasp it, and you dial it in on the fly.

We understand you don’t have time to wade through irrelevant, uninspiring content. Our focus is on delivering concise, impactful insights that resonate with your fast-paced lifestyle.

If you’re the kind of leader who prefers to lock, load, and go, this mastermind is designed for you to swiftly and decisively transform knowledge into action.

About the Book

“Cosmic Bitch-Slap: Accidental Discoveries Compliments of the Universe” by Jennifer Fiedler, with her unique roots in the creative field of the film industry, presents a compelling exploration of personal and professional transformation that resonates across various industries, mainstream business and corporate sectors. The book delves into themes of adaptability, resilience, and innovative thinking, crucial for navigating today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscapes.

Jennifer’s journey, originating outside the traditional corporate sphere, offers a fresh perspective on tackling challenges and fostering growth. The insights provided in the book, while drawn from experiences that might initially seem distant from the corporate world, are profoundly relevant to business executives. These lessons highlight the importance of embracing change, a concept universally acknowledged yet uniquely exemplified in industries known for their dynamic nature.

Through its narrative, the book draws compelling parallels between the intricacies of handling complex, multifaceted projects and the challenges of guiding a business through times of uncertainty and competitive pressure. The book effectively illustrates how the dynamic and results-driven strategies characteristic of the film industry, an arena known for its intense focus on outcomes, can be adeptly adapted to the corporate sphere. This adaptation not only sparks innovation but also galvanizes teams toward collective success, demonstrating the transferable nature of these approaches across different professional landscapes.

“Cosmic Bitch-Slap” transcends its anecdotal origins, offering business leaders a guide to personal development and leadership excellence. It is a testament to the universality of certain core principles in professional success, making it an essential read for executives seeking to cultivate a forward-thinking and adaptable corporate culture.

Professional Development Course: Targeted towards executives, focusing on professional growth, and leadership capacity.

Duration and Structure: A 6-week program with weekly 90-minute sessions.

Schedule and Start: Wednesdays at 1pm PST / 3pm CST / 4pm EST commencing on the 5th of June 2024.

Included Materials: Participants receive a PDF of the book “Cosmic Bitch-Slap” and a series of instructional videos.

Skill Enhancement: Improve strategic thinking, team building, proactive problem-solving, and resilience.

Personal Growth: Achieve better work-life harmony, an innovative mindset, and a visionary approach.

Business Acuity: Elevate leadership skills, embracing creativity and calculated risk-taking to drive your business ventures forward.

About Jennifer

Jennifer, a filmmaking mentor, confidence coach, F1 racing enthusiast, and author of “Cosmic Bitch-Slap,” spent nearly 20 years in the brutal, competitive, toxic work environment that is the film industry. Her career, filled with highs and lows, led to an addiction to the sector’s exhilarating but destructive environment. Facing burnout, she left the industry, embarking on a nine-year journey across four continents.

Her experiences inspired “Cosmic Bitch-Slap,” where she illustrates how film industry skills are transferable to other areas. The book combines real-life stories with insights on utilizing inherent abilities.

Jennifer now leverages her unique blend of skills and experiences to coach business executives. Her approach to coaching focuses on facilitating transformative leadership journeys, drawing upon her qualities as a terminally curious truth speaker, confident communicator, risk-taker, and someone who thrives amidst uncertainty.

About Paul

Paul Lange’s extensive 35-year career across diverse industries and continents has honed his expertise in leading through change and fostering business growth.

His journey from hospitality to pivotal roles in private equity, technology, and enterprise financial services illustrates his adaptability and innovative approach.

Renowned for managing complex business transactions and leading diverse teams, Paul offers deep insights into strategic financial management and operational optimization.

His unique blend of experiences makes him an exceptional guide for aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs seeking to navigate dynamic business landscapes and achieve success.

Join Paul Lange and Jennifer Fiedler live via Zoom on 6 consecutive Wednesdays at 1pm PST / 3pm CST / 4pm EST commencing on the 5th of June, 2024.

The curated Cosmic Bitch-Slap Mastermind is a professional development course tailored for executives, focusing on nurturing professional growth and enhancing leadership capacity.

This comprehensive 6-week program consists of weekly 90-minute sessions, combining practical insights with theoretical knowledge. Participants receive a PDF of “Cosmic Bitch-Slap” and a collection of instructional videos, enriching their learning experience.

The course was created to sharpen skills such as strategic thinking, team building, proactive problem-solving, and fortifying resilience. To inspire personal growth, encouraging a better work-life harmony, fostering an innovative mindset, and developing a visionary approach. And to enhance business acuity and adaptability, teaching leaders to embrace creativity and take better calculated risks.

This uniquely holistic approach provides improved skills and mindset for tackling modern business challenges head on, as well as fostering significant personal growth.