Cosmic Bitch-Slap

Catalyzing the Confidence that Redefines and Optimizes All your Relationships

Cosmic Bitch-Slap

Catalyzing the Confidence that Redefines and Optimizes All your Relationships

Cosmic Bitch-Slap

Catalyzing the Confidence that Redefines and Optimizes All your Relationships

Singular Stories

Learning the hard way that sharing adventures and insights inspires confidence –

Jennifer the Idiot strikes again…

I’ve been a storyteller for a long time now…

Crazy shit that happened working in the film business. Absurd scenarios that played out while living and working abroad. Stress in Korea. Drama in Poland. Wonder in India. Apathy in Barcelona.

But being a bit of an idiot, I didn’t really get that my stories affected the people listening to them. People who would either laugh out loud or remark that hearing about my adventures inspired them to feel more confident.

Seriously? You’ve gotta be kidding me. My goofy stories? Inspiring confidence? No way!

So I finally wised up and started to write a bunch of them down. Just to see if I could…

My writing voice is exactly how I think and speak. A juxtaposition of erudite and obscene that’s totally real and very relatable. With a penchant for self-deprecatory humor and an affinity for all forms of the word f*ck.

The Office From Hell

Purchasing a one-way ticket to Warsaw Poland with no job lined up and arriving in August, I’d used up 30 of the 90 days of residence allowed on my tourist visa when I got serious about finding a job.

Critical Connections

Shit, It’s gonna take me forfuckingever to figure this one out! This was my immediate reaction upon reading every single script from every single movie I ever began working on.

Who the Hell is Talking to Me?

Smart people all over the world hate the thought of doing something stupid, this being universally perceived as the ultimate transgression against our perceived intelligence.

Holy Shit!

Driving to my new job in Korea, my friend took a small and winding highway flanked by pine-clad mountains. With no signage or buildings on the slopes, we could easily have been somewhere in Germany.

Numb is the New Normal

As humans, we inherently believe we’re not enough or we’re flawed somehow. Plagued by bouts of self-loathing, we feel enough pain over these beliefs to continually shove them away…

Game of Challenge

My days teaching English at a Korean academy were filled with rowdy screaming kids, navigating school politics, and avoiding ridiculous confrontations with my Korean boss.

The Quantum Vision

Returning from the adventure of living abroad for a number of years, I found myself at an unprecedented low point as I realized that I had no idea what the fuck I was supposed to be doing with my life.

Platitudes and Sugar

I had no idea what I was in for when I arrived in Korea to teach kids English, but it was readily apparent that the cultural mores and personal tastes diverged beyond my wildest dreams.

The Idiot and The Waif

My diverse group of English training clients all had one thing in common, which was massive incredulity that I would leave my successful career in Hollywood to come work in Warsaw.